Have you been in the quest to look for the answers if it’s a Myth or Fact where Grapefruits are Dangerous to consume when a person is on medications? Well, you’ve just landed at the correct article to address this Million Dollar question.

First of all, to all the haters whom have been “Demonizing" Grapefruits, i hope we can reach an agreement where Grapefruits are an Amazing fruit rich in Nutrients, Antioxidants and Fiber, making it one of the healthiest citrus fruits you can eat. 

In addition, it contains more than types of 15 Vitamins & Minerals. 

Here are some of the major nutrients found in just a half medium sized Grapefruit :

Calories: 52

Carbs: 13 grams

Protein: 1 gram

Fiber: 2 grams

Vitamin C: 64% of the RDI

Vitamin A: 28% of the RDI

Potassium: 5% of the RDI

Thiamine: 4% of the RDI

Folate: 4% of the RDI

Magnesium: 3% of the RDI

Here are the TOP 10 benefits of consuming Grapefruits be it through Juicing or Eating it Raw :

1. Low in Calories, but High in Nutrients

2. Contains antioxidant properties known to protect your cells from harmful bacteria, viruses & preventing infection.

3. Grapefruit contains few calories but lots of water, which is another characteristic known to aid weight loss. Especially its fiber content, which helps promote fullness and reduce calorie intake.

4. Grapefruit may help reduce insulin resistance, which can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

5. The citric acid in grapefruit may help reduce the formation of calcium oxalate kidney stones. 

6. Grapefruit has a high water content, which helps you stay hydrated.

7. Supports Detoxification of Kidneys & Colon.

8. Grapefruit contains several types of antioxidants that may help prevent the development of some chronic & lifestyle disease, including heart disease and cancer.

9. Grapefruit contains nutrients and antioxidants shown to help protect the heart by regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

10. Grapefruit contains fiber, which helps with appetite control by promoting fullness.

Alright enough of all the good stuff and now to the main question…..\


Myth or Truth?

“Grapefruits are Dangerous to consume when a person is on medications?” 


Unfortunately, this is not a Myth but the TRUTH!!



Compounds in grapefruit can dramatically change how some popular drugs work in the body. And the number of drugs that can have severe side effects when combined with grapefruit has  more than doubled in the last four years, says a study by the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Consuming grapefruit while taking certain drugs can produce an overdose effect. 

"Taking one tablet with a glass of grapefruit juice is like taking five tablets with water”, says David Bailey, a pharmacologist at the Lawson Health Research Institute in London, Ontario.


Well, what’s the Side Effects? 

Some drugs, when combined with grapefruit, cause small problems, such as dizziness. 

But the mixtures can have more serious side effects, like gastrointestinal bleeding, breathing problems or a deadly irregular heartbeat. 

For some people, consuming grapefruit and its juice may lead to medication interactions.

This is because it contains substances that inhibit cytochrome P450, an enzyme your body uses to metabolize certain medications.

If you eat grapefruit while taking these medications, your body may not be able to break them down, which could cause an overdose and other adverse effects

What Drugs should i avoid when consuming Grapefruit? 

Do take note that this list is not complete. Researchers have identified over 85 drugs with which grapefruit is known to have an adverse reaction. 

The medications most likely to interact with grapefruit includes :



Most calcium channel blockers



Some statins

In summary, if you are taking any of these medications, talk with your doctor before adding grapefruit to your diet.


May the Juice be with You,

Mark Leong