Sweet Potato Loaf Series

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  • Premium Ingredients - Made from a selection of the best, all natural ingredients like coconut palm sugar and artisan bread flour
  • Unbelievable Soft - This loaf is one of the softest in our sourdough collection 
  • Easy to Digest - Lower content of gluten, yet still tasting better than your store bought bread. Keeping you energised throughout the day!
  • No nonsense - Made without adding any preservatives, fats or refined sugar


Sweet Potato Loaf:
Levain, Alkaline Water, Artisan Bread Flour, Purple Sweet Potato, Coconut Palm Sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt

Storage: Keep at Room Temperature - 5 days \ Keep in Freezer - 1 Month (Before keeping in freezer, it is advisable to slice the bread first, allowing you greater ease of reheating for future consumption)

To reheat : Lightly toast or steam

Strawberry Pineapple Jam:
 Fresh Strawberries, Cold Pressed Pineapple Juice, Dates

Storage: Keep at Refrigeration - Consumed within 7 days