The Family Longevity Pot

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Imagine the smiles on the faces of your loved ones while having a bowl of warm broth made with love.

The feeling of warmth setting in your body while you see your family enjoying this satisfying & nourishing dish that you have made. Leaving a sense of self-happiness & fulfillment.

Knowing what’s best for the body & the family. This dish called - The Family Longevity Pot simply brings out the best for them. 

A Taste Of Home, A Taste Of Love, A Taste Of Warmth.

The Family Longevity Pot masterclass by Celebrity Chef Soo Leng.

1) Vitality Vegan Stock (When it comes to giving the best nourishment to the body, Soo Leng’s never before shared secret Vegan stock uses the finest premium ingredients that go into brewing this. Making it so ever flavourful)

2) Longevity Noodles (Finest premium "yee mee", traditionally made with love. Nourishes and warm the soul. Bringing long-lasting vitality and life to the body.)

3) The "Soulful" Ingredients (Completing this dish, with finely picked ingredients, enhancing this dish even more than just warmth)

4) The “QI” (The secret magic ingredient that binds everything together, making an everlasting lingering taste that everyone can remember forever. Which is also the secret ingredient that puts the hearty smiles on the faces of your loved ones)

And then, they say, food tastes better when you eat it with your loved ones. 

Join in now and taste what true happiness is while there are still limited slots.