Sourdough Pizza Party Kit Set

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Still deciding what to prepare for your home party? Are you searching for fresh and hot food, but its too much hassle to prepare from scratch?

Get ready to FEAST without having to increase your waistline!

This can all be sorted out with Farmz Asia Party Kit Set that comes with natural and fresh ingredients. It takes less than half an hour from box to table! 

What's more, each set can serve up to 6-8persons


What you will be getting in this kit
-2x Sourdough Pizza Dough
-Dusting Bread Flour
-FARMZ Power Pesto Sauce
-Nutritional Yeast
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-Fresh Pizza Topping Ingredients
(Capsicums, button mushrooms, pineapples, tomatoes,
rocket leaves, mixed herbs)
-Recipe Card