CNY - The Abundance Masterclass - Star Chef Series - NEW

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All NEW Chinese New Year STAR CHEF CNY Masterclasses are OUT!

Whip up amazing star chef dish that is going to get you ready for any occasion! Not only is this dish conducted by none other than the Fine Dining Star Chef Soo Leng herself, this is one of the hot favourites around Singapore.

The Abundance Masterclass will be sure to allow your 2021 to "HUAT" Prosper!

What you will be making in this 2-in-1 Cny masterclass:
1) CNY Prosperity Tofu Bags
Stuffed tofu puffs with lotus root and medley of vegetables in special sauce - A Recipe for Great Luck in Wealth!

2) 8 Treasures Chap Chye
Braised vegetables of Chinese yam, carrots, asparagus, ginkgo nuts and lily bulbs in spicy garlic sauce - A Recipe for Abundance and greatness in Health & Prosperity

On top of that, You & your families' curious tastebuds will be blown away with a burst of RICH flavours while you whip this up for them during Chinese New Year.

If you are seeing this, we suggest you JOIN IN because this is the FIRST time this class is being conducted.

There will NOT be any of this class again anymore as this is specially requested.

Join in and Get your 2021 to Prosper Forever TODAY!

P.s: This might be the "secret santa" of Chinese new year, get ready to receive great luck in ALL Areas of your life this coming new year!