Mandarin Orange & Melon Seed Artisan Sourdough Masterclass

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"Imagine a warm slice of crackling-skinned, Aromatic sourdough with a tinge of orangey sweetness down your salivating throat"  Mmmmmh!!!" 

The taste of it would simply make any mouth water and drool!


The all new FLAVOURED Sourdough Masterclass is here!

After months of development, we have finally came out with the NEW Seasonal and improved version of the Sourdough that will guaranteed to be the NEXT talk in the world of Artisan Sourdough!

In this masterclass, we share with you the secrets to flavouring your artisan sourdough with traditional mandarin orange & also the aromatic tasty melon seeds. There is actually a technique to it for the flavour to reveal smoother and richer on every bite!

This method which we will be revealed during this masterclass is NOW yours to grab!

If you are seeing this, grab it now, as this will only be conducted ONCE this year on a few dates.

Ready to be the show it off to your family & peers?

The all new SEASONAL Flavoured Artisan Sourdough Masterclass is now OPENED!

*First come first serve basis due to limited pax size of 10 
(Once full you will be on waiting list)

Class: Artisan Sourdough Baking Masterclass
Venue: Farmz Lifestyle Hub Studio
Address: 79 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058709

*Once unavailable you will need to await the next available date, stay tuned for updates!

Use this link to sign up for waiting list: