Family Immunity BOOSTER Pack

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Highlights of the Family Immunity Booster Pack:

  • Anti-bacterial Shield - Proven to kill 83% of bad bacteria
  • Powerful Propolis - Known to aid recovery and boosts immunity
  • Medicinal Benefits - 10 x MORE EFFECTIVE than Vitamin C, ideal for combating against cough, colds and sore throats
  • Antioxidant Rich - Preventing cell degradation and boosts cell regeneration

What is in your Family Immunity Booster Pack?

  1. Raw Trigona Honey
  2. Trigona Propolis Throat Spray
  3. Trigona Propolis Extract
  4. Nena Hand Sanitiser specially formulated for Farmz Asia


Designed by loving parents, for the Family - protecting what is most important to us

Limited to 2 packs per family - stocks are limited (secure yours now)