Korean Cuisine Masterclass(Bibimpap) + Korean Pancake

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안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo! - Hello In Korean)

How would you like to trim off your tummy, maintain your waist line while still feasting on tasty nutritious Korean Cuisine - Bibimpap & Pancake?

Do not belittle this dish as it will surprise you 100%!

Celebrity Chef Diana Loo of Farmz Asia is BACK! With her whole new Korean Cuisine Recipe specially curated and passed down from her family, directly from Traditional Korean is yours to be discovered.

Get ready to discover this skill & whip up this dish that will nourish your body with it's rich nutrients & get blown away by it's tastiness that will leave you saying... 대박 – (Daebak! - That's Awesome!)

It doesn't matter if you have or may not have any cooking experience. This is for anyone who loves to enjoy tasty food and that this will be a life long skill that you will master after attending it!

In this hands-on cooking workshop what you will expect & learn:

1) Art of traditional Korean Grain (Used from the best mix of grains that consist of a variety of Brown, Red & Black coloured Rice, You will discover the art of mixing them well and making them stick)

2) The Secret Korean Sauce (We will only reveal to you during the workshop - p.s hint* this sauce is so irresistible that will make any plain dish tastes finger licking good and it's a secret sauce only known from Chef Diana - definitely a must learn!)

3) Art of Korean Cuisine presentation (no more ugly plating & messy presentation. It's time you master the Art of Korean food presentation! Totally Instagram worthy and approved!)

And also a little special surprise BONUS Gift (worth $47) only to be given to you in this workshop LIVE!

Alright, before we continue, we have good news and bad news.

Good news is,

The workshop is now still available and the First time we are giving away this ANG POW surprise however the bad news is that we have just 3 slots left and it's just a few days away from the LIVE session and expected to be full by the end of the day...

The next time this will be conducted will be a long wait and that no more of such surprise Ang Pow will happen.

So Click on the link below and book your slots now!

P.S: 곧 뵙겠습니다! (see you soon!)