The Prosperity Masterclass

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The Time Of The Year Has Come! If 2020 wasn't an ideal year, This Masterclass will make your 2021 'Huat' (Prosper) Forever!

3 in 1 Prosperity Masterclass - Baking & Making of Delicious traditional Farmz certified healthy bakes of premium ingredients that are gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar free.

You & your families' curious tastebuds will be blown away with a burst of RICH flavours!!!
P.S: This is part of the secret sauce for prosperity :D More will be revealed during the masterclass.

What you will be making:

1) Golden Prosper Pineapple Tarts
2) Golden Spring Farmz Roll
3) Farmz Signature D'Piah Prosperity Cookies

This class if broken down will be $120 each and worth a $360 worth of value.

However to make 2021 prosper, 3-in-1 Prosperity Masterclass for the cost of 1 is created!

Hurry because there are only 2 dates this YEAR!

Join in and Get your 2021 to Prosper Forever TODAY!